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Want to learn a musical instrument at Discovery College?

Discovery College offers quality instrument lessons from highly experienced peripatetic music tutors conveniently located in our school’s music rooms. Our tutors are not only highly experienced tutors but also professional musicians in Hong Kong. They are outside providers who conduct private lessons independent of curriculum classes. Our tutors offer lessons on a range of instruments including woodwind, brass, strings, guitar, bass guitar, piano, voice and drum kit. We are very excited to announce that the peripatetic music programme will be back in person.


Instrument Hire

To promote the instruction of brass, strings and selected woodwind instruments, Discovery College hires these specific instruments FREE OF CHARGE to students who participate in the peripatetic music programme. Applications to hire these instruments can be submitted along with the enrolment form.


Please note that while lessons are online, you will need to make sure students have access to either an acoustic or electric version of the instrument. Instrument Hire forms are entered into our database in the order in which they are received. While we have a number of hire instruments, we may not be able to provide for all students. In such cases, students will be put on a waiting list until an instrument becomes available.

Our Instructors

Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Steve Gardner


Shelagh Heath


Linda Stuckey

Violin and Viola

Ethan Heath

Flutes, saxophones, clarinets, piano, keyboards and percussions

Pierre Veniot


John Campo

Drum Kit

John Abraham


Emily Cheung


Yvonne Barrie

Music Room Map.png

Location of Music Lessons - Lower Ground Floor Music Rooms

General Information

When you apply

Applications are entered into our database in the order in which they are received. We will attempt to provide lessons for every student that applies. To avoid students missing the same class each week, music lessons during school hours are scheduled on a rotating timetable only. In some cases, make-up lessons may be scheduled before or after school. After school lessons will be at fixed times. Requests for specific times will be filled in the enrolment forms at the time of submission.


Please note that only some instruments are suitable for 6 to 7 year olds. Most instruments are suitable for 8 years and up.


Payment confirmation

Payment will be made through bank transfer or PayMe to music tutors directly. Once enrolled, you will be contacted with bank details of the specific tutor in order to make payment. Payments must be received by the music tutor prior to the start of the first lesson.

When lessons start

Semester 1 (Total of 15 lessons) will start Monday 11 September 2023 and will run till Friday 26 January 2024.

Semester 2  (Total of 15 lessons) will start Tuesday 20 February 2024 and will run till Friday 14 June 2024.


Timetables will be shared with the parents via the ESF App before the lessons commence so that students can check their lesson schedules. We strongly recommend students glue this into their instrumental diary or set a reminder/alarm on their watch or phone.

Getting to lessons

Students are responsible for getting themselves to lessons on time. Our tutors will not collect students and bring them to the music rooms. You can assist your child by getting them a watch with an alarm, ensuring that they have their timetable card filled in, and writing a reminder note in their diary. Classroom teachers will have a copy of the timetable of students attending lessons for primary only. For students in Years 1-3, teachers will remind students about lessons, but will not be held accountable if a lesson is missed due to forgetfulness.


Students will be provided with an instrumental lesson diary. This is for peripatetic teachers to record student progress and practice requirements, as well as a means of communication between peripatetic teachers and parents.

Terms and Conditions

  • It is important that you read the terms and conditions carefully prior to signing the enrolment.

  • Each set of lessons must be paid for in full, prior to the commenced lessons.

  • The number of lessons offered each term allows for contingencies such as school closures, trips, exams and other disruptions to the normal school day and/or when teachers may not be available.

  • You are only charged for the days when our tutors teach. Therefore, if a tutor is absent on a day when your child is scheduled to have a lesson, the lesson will be given a make-up lesson the following week or added on at the end of the term.

  • If your child is absent from school through illness on a day when a lesson is scheduled, you must give your child’s tutor at least 24 hours notice so that the lesson can be re-scheduled. If you fail to give the appropriate amount of notice, the lesson will not be made up and no refund will be given. This also applies to scheduled assessment tasks, school excursions and other school-based activities. The music tutor agrees to reschedule the lesson for an alternate time if classes are cancelled due to adverse or inclement weather conditions in line with HK Government, ESL and Discovery College guidelines. On such days, updates can be found on the Discovery College website. If the college is closed on these days, there will be no extracurricular classes. School camps, No Boundaries and public holidays have already been taken into account. School camps, No Boundaries and public holidays have already been taken into account.

  • Scheduled lessons continue on CPD days, Student-Led Conferences and Three-Way Conferences.

  • Timetables of the lessons are published on Ding! and the Explorer and message is sent via the ESF App to the parents. It is the student’s responsibility to make a note of when and where each lesson occurs.

  • The music tutors are wholly responsible for invoicing and collecting payments. Any disputes on payment must be resolved between the music tutor and the parents.

  • Refunds are to be requested in writing to the music tutors two months in advance, and must be accompanied with relevant withdrawal from school documentation, medical certificates in the case of a student withdrawing from the activity due to illness. If a student gives no notification of withdrawal or non-attendance then no refund will be made.

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