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The Parent and Student Handbook is published each year to provide our parents and students with a brief description of our policies and procedures to help them become more familiar with how the College operates, what our requirements are in certain key areas, how best to communicate with us and what to do if there is a question or concern. 

Grow. Discover. Dream.

Assessment & Reporting

Electronic Payment System


Substance Abuse

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Gender Non-Discrimination


Smart Cards



Digital Literacies & Laptop Programme

Secondary Gaming Room


Parental Involvement

Use of Public Transportation

Relationship Management Policy

Important Dates

Emergency arrangements and Lockdown

Medical guidelines

Visitors to the College

Dress Code

House System

Refund Policy on school trips & activities

Sporting Opportunities

Publicity Policy

Digital Technologies

Year 6 Laptop Programme

Learning Diversity Team

School Council

Walking, Cycling, Scootering & Similar

Positive Health and Good Nutrition

Attendance & length of school day/year

Facilities rental

Money & Valuables / Lost Property

Bicycles, Scooters & Skateboards

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)


Secondary Textbooks


Reporting Concerns

Laptop & Computer Access

Guiding Statements

Parent Information Sessions

Contact Us

Wellbeing at DC

Discovery Foreshore

Financial Assistance Scheme

Severe Weather Procedures


Extra-curricular activities (ECA)


Senior Student Privileges

Transcripts & References


Digital Citizenship Education

Responsible Use Agreement

Higher Education Office

Parent Teacher Association (DCPTA)


Student Support & Safeguarding

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