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Senior School Prospectus.


High-performance Student Athletes 

The High Performance Student Athlete (HPSA) program is an athlete-centred programme of educational and pastoral assistance provided by Discovery College. The programme seeks to recognise high performance athletes who are participating in elite sport offered throughout Hong Kong, and competing in recognised national or international competitions. It also seeks to provide mentorship and guidance to high performing athletes as they develop, including guidance towards an appropriate balance of education, training and competition needs.

The purpose of this program is to enable emerging and exceptional student athletes to reach their maximum academic and sporting potential while actively pursuing training for high-level sport. 

High-performance athletes can be given the following accommodations, to help them balance their sporting commitment with academic requirements:

  • Timetable and curriculum flexibility to facilitate high frequency training and competition time, for example offering the DP over three years

  • Provision of a programme which will enrich the potential of the student-athlete and provide information for career development 

  • Support for the student athlete where necessary, for time-management, study skills, relaxation and development courses in order to connect the athlete to the international world of sport.

Please contact the Director of Co-curricular activity for more information on how to apply.

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