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2024-2025 Year 1 Parents

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WELCOME TO YEAR 1 - Ali Kutryck
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WELCOME TO YEAR 1 - Ali Kutryck

WELCOME TO YEAR 1 - Amy Beedham
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WELCOME TO YEAR 1 - Amy Beedham

WELCOME TO YEAR 1 - Chloe Higgins
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WELCOME TO YEAR 1 - Chloe Higgins

WELCOME TO YEAR 1 - Rachel Smyth
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WELCOME TO YEAR 1 - Rachel Smyth

WELCOME TO YEAR 1 - Heather Darling
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WELCOME TO YEAR 1 - Heather Darling

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STORY TIME - Ali Kutryck

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STORY TIME - Amy Beedham

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STORY TIME - Chloe Higgins

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STORY TIME - Rachel Smyth

Year 1 Parent Information Evening - 28 May 2024

Here are a couple of useful resources for you...

Week 1 Timetable

Year 1 2024 Week 1 Schedule.png

Please complete the relevant forms and read the information before
Friday 16 June 2025


Here's a little more information about 

Starting Year One is always an exciting time and buying uniform is all part of the process! Here is some important information about how to order Discovery College Uniform for your Year One child.

How to order? Discovery College uniforms can be ordered online and delivered straight to your home, or you may collect them in person at uniform showroom in Lai Chi Kok. Simply go to the website, click on the Discovery College logo and browse our uniform collection. 


What size do I order? 

The correct fit for uniform is important and returns and exchanges may incur additional costs. When you click through to each item of uniform listed on the website, you will see a small ruler and the words “View Size Guide”, under the product details. This leads to detailed sizing information for that garment. As an example, the size chart for the primary school polo shirt is attached HERE.


Please take full advantage of this sizing information to assess the correct size for your child, remembering to allow for summer growth. All measurements given are for the garment, not the child. It may be helpful to measure an item of clothing that currently fits your child and compare the online measurements with that. 


How do I pay? 

Payment is by electronic means only – credit card or Paypal. Our supplier does not accept cash or cheque payments for online orders. Accepted credit cards are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. 

What to order? 

Below is a suggested ‘starter kit’ for Year One students: 

- Grey Hat (compulsory for all Primary School students) 

- Primary Polo Shirt (horizontal stripes) x 2 

- Grey Shorts/Grey Skort* x 2 

- PE House Colour T-Shirt x 1 

- Black PE Shorts or PE Skort x 1* 

*Please note: The PE Skorts are optional; PE Shorts can be worn by all students.


Discovery College has no distinct summer and winter uniform – all items can be worn all year round, according to your child’s comfort. Additional cold weather items are available as follows: 

- Grey Sweater 

- Grey Fleece Jacket 

- Grey Windbreaker Jacket 

- Grey Trousers/Grey Long Pants 

- Black PE Track/ Long Pants 

What if I have some uniform already? 

If you have uniform items from an older sibling, these can be worn by your child for the coming school year. There is no expiration on the use of those uniform items. 


Is there an option to buy second hand uniforms? 

The DC PTA sells gently used uniforms that have been generously donated by previous students, or students who have outgrown their uniform. These items are sold at discounted prices and the money raised helps to support various class parties and functions throughout the school year. You must book an appointment to visit the DC PTA if you wish to purchase second hand uniforms, which will begin again in August. The DC PTA only accepts cash for second hand purchases. 

Full details of the College’s dress code can be found in the Parent and Student Handbook

Here's a little more information about 

Discovery College facilitates the pre-ordering and distribution of the mandatory Notebooks for all Primary Year Groups (1-6), and Secondary Year 7 only.


The students will receive their notebooks in their respective classrooms/Learning Teams at the beginning of the academic year (one each of the mandatory Notebooks), and throughout the academic year when replacements are required.


Parents can make payments for Notebook Packs for Years 1 to 7 through the school ESF App.


All Notebook items are detailed by year group in the lists below.

The college only provides notebooks to the students; stationery items will not be provided. Parents are therefore requested to purchase by themselves the necessary stationery items (such as pencils, erasers, rulers, etc…) from any stationery store.


PRIMARY STATIONERY LISTS 2023 - 24 (List will be updated for 24-25 soon)

Bus Service

Here's a little more information about 

School buses are provided by a third-party bus company and coordinated by the school. Each school bus has an experienced bus supervisor who accompanies the students in the morning and afternoon when primary students are riding on the bus. According to EDB’s guidelines, the bus supervisor's main duty is to take care of primary students only. Each student riding the school bus must accept and abide by the Rules of Respect of the school.

The company KWOON CHUNG MOTORS provides the school bus service for Discovery College students. The bus service is specifically for students living outside Discovery Bay.

For further details, please click here. Further inquiries should be made to


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