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Relationship Management Policy


At Discovery College, the quality of relationships across our school community is a strong determinant of our overall success. The interrelationships between students, staff (teaching and nonteaching), and parents must be open, honest, and respectful and have the wellbeing of all parties at their core. All parties, including students, staff (teaching and nonteaching), and parents must accept they have a role to play in the development and maintenance of these relationships. The quality of these relationships will be reflected in the academic and overall wellbeing outcomes for students. “All staff members are responsible for managing behaviour for all students. Students must understand that all staff (EAs, support staff, and teachers) have the right to question them about any behaviour/actions that are inappropriate. ​ Restorative practices procedures We use Restorative Practices to restore relationships at Discovery College with the intention of resolving issues through a no-blame approach. Restorative Practices means that for any situation requiring the intervention of staff and/or student mediators we are working to ensure that all parties:

  1. Acknowledge their role in the incident

  2. Take responsibility for their actions

  3. Understand the impact of their actions

  4. Be part of the solution (where possible)

Bullying procedures

  • Bullying is the abuse of a relationship.

  • Bullying is a type of behaviour that needs to be changed.

  • Bullying is ongoing, unwanted behaviour on the part of the victim.

It can take a variety of forms - verbal, physical and cyber, therefore, Restorative Practice is appropriate in that we seek the same outcomes as for other behaviour management, through a similar line of questioning. A DC Restorative Practice information booklet is made available to all parents. Please contact the College if you need a replacement.

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