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Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Co-curricular activities enhance and build on children’s experiences and learning within the school. The activities will contribute to their intellectual, social, cultural and emotional growth. They will cater to a wide variety of needs and cultures within the school community and will be used to forge links with the wider community. Our expectation is that all students become involved in some form of regular activity outside of school hours for their general health and well-being. 

We encourage our students at Discovery College to use the CCA programme to “Discover where their true passion lies” by engaging in as many Co-Curricular activities as possible. To enable us to reallocate these resources effectively, each student is encouraged to pay a one-off annual fee of $600 at the beginning of the school year, regardless of the activities that they choose. This allows us to balance and continue to develop the programme as well as providing equal access to our activities, as well as bringing us in line with other ESF schools. ​Staff offer co-curricular activities, in the areas of their passion and expertise. Where there is demand, we also use external providers to deliver activities. All efforts are made to keep costs to an absolute minimum, however, we do ask for a small fee to cover basic costs such as (but not limited to) materials specific to the activity, consumables and equipment wear and tear, as well as inviting in specialist instructors while investing in quality resources.

In addition, student-run CCAs will be offered alongside those taken by staff. Student-run CCAs are taken by secondary students and must have a teacher mentor to provide guidance. 


We endeavour to send out a yearly overview of the CCA programme to help families plan and prepare for the year ahead. Enrolment happens on a termly basis via the Ding! VLE  app. In 2023-24 the enrolment will be based on equal access to the programme, rather than first-come-first-served basis. Make sure to enrol during the enrolment window for each term. Once the enrolment window closes, we will reopen the enrolment on an ongoing basis for any activities that still have availability.

All details about enrolment will be sent out via the Explorer newsletter ahead of each term commencing.

Please note: no make-up lessons are offered due to absence, inclement weather, suspension of classes or school closure.

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