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Visitors to the College

For the safety of students, all visitors to the College including parents, must enter through security at the front entrance to the College and proceed to the main reception.

Visits from former DC students

We acknowledge that when students have been a member of DC and then move overseas to another school, they may on occasion wish to visit the College and feel the sense of

community they had here. As such, we want to honour this while not impacting the learning of the students currently in the school.

Thus, former students who returned from overseas are asked to do the following

  • request from the Head of Primary/Secondary or VP Primary/Secondary, at least one day in advance, of their wish to come into school. An email will be sent confirming whether this is convenient.

  • only be in school during the designated primary or secondary lunchtime:

    • Primary 12.30-1.25pm

    • Secondary 1.30-2.10pm

  • on arrival, sign in at the security to get a visitor’s pass. The front office staff will ask for a member of the Primary or Secondary Leadership Team to come and say hello at this time

  • while in the school, adhere to our school rules

  • return the visitor’s pass when leaving

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