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Kayaking Adventures

Kayaking Adventures



Year 10, Year 11, Year 12

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

What you'll do and see

Hong Kong and the surrounding islands are home to some charming coastal environments that provide magnificent vistas and ideal conditions for scenic kayaking excursions. Participants will encounter wave-cut sea cliffs, sea caves, sea arches, sea stacks, notches and blowholes, lying alongside white-sand beaches and alluvial plains. Hong Kong’s protected marine environments are home to over 60 kinds of coral and 100 species of fish and substantial mangrove communities, all of which combine for a perfect venue for kayaking.

These kayaking adventures will have options for participants at all levels of experience. Beginners will engage in activities to learn basic skills and water safety, while more experienced paddlers will master more sophisticated techniques. Participants at all levels will venture out on voyages appropriate to their skill level and experience, and put their kayaking skills to the test.

Students will select from the following options:

Beginner: Morning of basic kayaking skills training and a shoreline exploration in the afternoon. Students will become more comfortable and familiar with the boat's movements and will apply these skills in game-type situations and exploration of the scenic shorelines.

Intermediate/Advanced: Exploration of some of Hong Kong’s most stunning coastlines, this option will involve being in more open water and exploring the surrounding areas. It is recommended that you have been kayaking before if you were to take this option.


DC Departure time: 8.30 am

Return to DC: Between 4.30 pm - 5.00 pm

(Traffic dependent)

What to Bring

  • Quick drying sportswear (long sleeves/trousers recommended for sun protection) 

  • Swimwear (worn underneath clothes) 

  • Sturdy trainers or hiking shoes (must cover the whole foot - no sandals) 

  • Light backpack (no string bags)  

  • 2x 1L bottles filled with water 

  • High SPF waterproof sunscreen  

  • Insect repellent 

  • Wide-brimmed hat 

  • Lightweight hooded rain jacket  

  • Packed lunch and snacks  

  • Closed toe water shoes/Change of sports shoes 

  • Extra change of clothes and socks 

  • Towel

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