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Malaysia - Merapoh
Rainforest Conservation

Beyond Hong Kong

Year 8, Year 9

Group Size


Students participating in this program will engage in various projects that introduce students to sustainability, conservation, and enable positive growth towards the preservation of Malaysian forests.  Students will work with local organisations to support regeneration through tree planting and supporting the work of sustainable initiatives in local communities.

Opportunities to experience the awe and wonder of life in a rainforest will present themselves in the form of adventurous activities, cultural immersion and geographical exploration. Students will also get a day exploring the city sights of Kuala Lumpur.



  • Opportunities for budding environmentalists to support the work of agencies in regenerating areas of rainforest through planting trees and working with local indigenous communities to support their initiatives for economic growth and reducing environmental degradation

  • Visiting and supporting the efforts of local fruit and cocoa farmers

  • Community immersion activities with semi-nomadic tribes, learning to shoot blow darts and cook with bamboo, rainforest canopy walks and nature trail with guides from the tribe

  • A day in KL, visiting the city sights including the Batu Caves

  • Adventurous activities such as tubing down the river and rock climbing and caving in the rugged limestone landscape


  • Duration - 6 nights / 7 days

  • Departure date - Saturday, 9 November

  • Return date -  Friday, 15 November

Transport -  Flights

Estimated Cost


The programme fees are subject to price fluctuations involving currency, transportation costs, the number of students signing up, and activity costs. We aim to manage the cost of this trip/activity effectively, and we will re-adjust/re-calculate the cost prior to the final payment in Aug/Sep 2024.

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