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China - Guilin
Liu Village

Beyond Hong Kong

Year 8, Year 9

Group Size


Students will have the opportunity to take principled action through community engagement in a local village primary school and within the village Monk Fruit farming community.

Lack of water supply is one of the most pressing issues facing farmers in Liu Village and other agricultural communities across southern China. Students will assist with the task of designing, fundraising for, and potentially constructing a waterwheel and water supply system throughout Liu Village. This is a long-term project to be gradually developed through collaboration over the coming years.



  • Workshops and opportunities to support the local community in the monk fruit farming industry

  • The group will immerse themselves in the everyday life of a rural community with deep-rooted history in the village since 1500

  • Mandarin language immersion opportunities

  • Cultural exchange and community engagement activities with Chinese community members

  • Explore the breathtaking natural landscapes in the region including a river cruise, hikes around the Karst mountains, historical museum tours, stunning markets and temple visits.


Duration - 6 nights / 7 days

Departure date - Saturday, 9 November

Return date -  Friday, 15 November

Transport -  High Speed Rail, Kowloon to Guilin

Accommodation - Shared rooms at CLI (Chinese Language Institute)

Estimated Cost


The programme fees are subject to price fluctuations involving currency, transportation costs, the number of students signing up, and activity costs. We aim to manage the cost of this trip/activity effectively, and we will re-adjust/re-calculate the cost prior to the final payment in Aug/Sep 2024.

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