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The DC Parent Teacher Association works to support and enrich the school life of students, parents and teachers at Discovery College.

Leading and organising fundraising events such as Family Fun Day helps to fund various activities for the school community. Recent initiatives that the DCPTA has supported include Wellness Webinars, enhancing the Sand & Water play area for primary and inviting Jurassic Garage to showcase various reptiles to both primary and secondary students.

The DC PTA Shop space within the school will undergo a transformation over the coming months as we are no longer selling uniforms or stationery. The redesign will be a welcoming space for parents, and we are excited about these upcoming changes.

We invite all parents to be active members of the DCPTA. Whether you can provide a small amount of time to one project or more time throughout the year, any contribution is welcomed and greatly appreciated. To contact the DCPTA, please email or phone 3969 1069.

Or fill in the DC PTA Volunteer Form or contact

DCPTA Representatives

Chair – Bashuli Sane

School Council Parent RepresentativeJasmin Metha

ComPar RepresentativeBashuli Sane

Honorary Member – Alice Cheng

School Representatives – Jonny Tate and Heather Darling.  Principle James Smith is an ex officio member.

Parent Representatives –  Bashuli Sane, Belda Chan, Benjamin Parsons, Charu Dutt, Fabiana Drew, Ganesh Chidambaram, Iris Lun, Isabel Li, Jaimie Sharp, Jasmin Mehta, Matthew Klee, Simon Beldac, Steven Allan, Xiaoyi Wang.

DCPTA AdministratorAdele Hodgson


DC PTA Committee Members

Bashuli Sane

As a DCPTA member, I seek to work alongside the school to further strengthen parent connections and to add to the wonderful experience our children are already having at Discovery College. I hope to understand the needs of the community better and work alongside other parents to create special memories and bonds that they will cherish. 

Ganesh Chidambaram

My daughter is currently in Y5 and our family has been a part of the ESF community since her kindergarten days. I believe that a thriving PTA is essential to having a healthy school community. In 2024, I'm looking forward to supporting the various initiatives that add to the wonderful school experience for our children and create a thriving community at DC.

Cahru Dutt

Being a DC parent since its opening, I aspire to serve as a bridge between parents and the evolving school environment, fostering a seamless transition from the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the past to the dynamic and wonderful present.

Belda Chan

I want students and families to have the best experience at DC. I myself am always eager to attend events, so I joined the DCPTA to help organise these for our community.

Iris Lun

I joined the PTA in 2022 to foster stronger connections between parents and the school and a sense of community in the post-pandemic environment. I enjoy working with fellow parents and the school to coordinate events and make impactful decisions that enrich the educational experience for all DC students.

Jaimie Dominguez Sharp

I joined the PTA committee as I enjoy being creative, meeting, working with and learning from other parents. I enjoy organising events that build community amongst the parents and create  memories for our kids. I would like to motivate the PTA to  run more events and to fundraise for improvements to facilities and resources that will directly impact my children during their DC school career. I would also like to see more CCA's available for all.

Steven Allan

I teach at another school within ESF and joined the PTA to see if there were ways to help develop technology integration at Discovery College and to enrich the experience of teachers and students including my own children.

Fabiana Drew

Hi everybody! I'm Fabi Drew, passionate about creating an outstanding educational experience for our kids. I've worked as a School inspector in England, checking out schools and ensuring they're top-notch. That experience was eye-opening, and it made me realise the incredible power parents have in shaping the educational journey for our little ones and the support we can provide to our hardworking teachers. I'm beyond thrilled for the opportunity to serve our school community as a member of the DC PTA.

Benjamin Parsons 

As a member of the DCPTA, I aim to support cultivating the parent community connections as well as to deliver PTA funded projects that will continue to improve the educational facilities for our students and prestige of the school.

Matthew Lee 

I joined the PTA to support and learn as much as I can to help the school and the PTA to provide a great learning experience for the students.


Why do all DC families pay PTA fees and how are they used?

Under the ESF (English Schools Foundation) Ordinance every family with children at an ESF school or PIS (Private Independent School) must pay an annual PTA fee and is therefore a member of their school’s PTA. At DC every family pays an annual DCPTA fee of $300 per family. This fee is the DCPTA’s only guaranteed income and we rely on it to ensure we can fund our annual fixed costs. These costs include the salaries of the DCPTA Shop administrators and bus administrator, insurance and other costs associated with running a shop to provide uniform and stationery sales on campus at Discovery College.

PICS Statement

DCPTA Personal Information Collection Statement

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