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Senior School Prospectus.

Subject Selection Process Timeline

Monday 30 October (Senior Student Prospectus is published)

The Secondary School prospectus is made available to parents and students on the school’s website via this link. The prospectus provides essential information to students and parents on the various Y12-13 pathways, including the subjects that are available to choose from. 

Wednesday 1  November Discovery Time 14.50-15.30 am (Y12-13 Learning Pathways overview)

This includes an overview of the IB Diploma Programme, the IB Diploma Courses Programme and the IB Career-related Programme pathways presented to the Year 11 students by the respective Coordinators, Will Hurtado (DP Coordinator) and Raina Zhaparova (CP Coordinator). Thereafter, the students will complete a short desired pathway poll, which helps to provide some insight into what they are considering. The information helps form a basis for informed conversations with their Learning Advisors, Dean, Higher Education Officer (HEO) and the Programme Coordinators.

Wednesday 8  November 5.00-6.00 pm (Parent education)

Mr Hurtado and Ms Zhaparova lead a parent education workshop, which focuses on developing parental understanding of the prospective Y12-13 learning pathways of the IB Diploma Programme, the IB Diploma Courses Programme and the IB Career-related Programme. Parents will come away with strategies to support their child when discussing pathways that align with their passions, interests and aspirations. 

Monday 20 November – Friday 1 December (CP Information sessions and Taster lessons)

Providers of Career-related studies hold information sessions and taster lessons either online or on site between the 20th of November and the 1st of December, to help students understand the nature of the course, its content and assessment, and make informed decisions about their passions and career inspirations. The detailed information on times and venues is shared with students to enable sign-up.

Monday 15 January November – Friday 26 January (DP/DP Courses Information Sessions)

To help provide DP course insight, subject teachers offer information sessions about DP subjects during normal lesson time. Y11 students are encouraged to engage and enquire into the nature and structure of the DP subjects.

Friday 26 January (Subject selection temperature check)

During ‘extended learning team’, students submit their subject selections, which should provide an accurate overview of what they will submit for their final selections in late February. This data, along with the Semester 1 academic data will provide valuable information on whether the students chosen subjects align with their capability and capacity, and will inform positive, guiding conversations with the Programme Coordinators and HEO team (Ms. Susie Blomfield and Mr. Terence Man).

Thursday 18 January 6.30-8.30 pm (Subject Selection Evening)

The Programme Coordinators and HEO team (Ms. Susie Blomfield and Mr. Terence Man) will lead a subject selection Information evening for Y11 parents and students. In the first part of the evening, Heads of Department and other prospective DP teachers will be available to answer questions from students and parents regarding the different subjects on offer.

In the second part of the evening, parents and students proceed to the theatre for a detailed overview of the IB DP and CP Programmes, the DP Courses pathway, as well as the final subject selection process. Ms. Lydia Clohesy (Director of Co Curricular) will also be available to discuss support for high-performance student athletes. Finally, the HEO team will share key information on how they support and guide students towards Higher Education pathways throughout Year 12 and 13.

Monday 5 February (Semester 1 Grades published to parents)

Semester 1 grades made available to parents via Ding!

The month of February (Data informed, supportive conversations with students)

Semester 1 data will provide valuable assessment information, helping inform evidence based conversations between students, parents, subject teachers and Learning Advisors. Students will have been developing a ‘Y11 Subject Selection Brag Sheet’, which will help support them in arriving at an informed, confident decision in relation to their choices. The goal is to help guide students towards their areas of strength and interest, which will set them up for success in their chosen pathway. 

Friday 19 January – Friday 23 February (Option forms completed by students)

Students indicate choices on the options form. Y11 subject teachers will indicate “ready” if, in their judgement at that time, the student stands some chance of achieving grade 4 in that subject at that level (HL/SL) in the DP. The teacher will tick “not ready” if, in their judgement, the student stands little or no chance of achieving grade 4. Assessments completed across the semester will inform this judgement.

Note that whilst the recommendation of the teacher informs the final decision, it is not decisive. Students may still end up taking a subject/level even if not recommended by the teacher – we need to consider the overall package for each student. Final decisions will be made by a panel (Dean, DP Coordinator, Director of Curriculum and Secondary Principal).

Friday 23 February (Final submission of subject options)

Students submit completed forms (signed by parents) to the Diploma Programme Coordinator.

Monday 26 February – Friday 15 March (Follow up conversations as needed)

The Programme Coordinators and the HEO team meet with students who have selected subjects and course levels that may be beyond their capability, evidenced by the academic data, or if there are known requirements for higher education/careers. Parents will be invited to these conversations.

Upon the completion of the subject selection process, the timetable will be constructed for the 2024-25 academic year. Once constructed, there will be little flexibility for subject changes, which highlights the need for students to be confident about the choices they make.

We are very much looking forward to supporting and working in partnership with you in the months ahead. There is a lot of information to digest here and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always here to support.

Mr. Will Hurtado (Diploma Programme Coordinator)


Ms. Raina Zhaparova (Career-Related Programme Coordinator)


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