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College Life

To ensure all students have the required materials for the start of the school term, Discovery College facilitates the pre-ordering and distribution of the mandatory stationery & notebooks pack only for Year 1-2. The school will not be providing any stationery items in the stationery & notebooks packs for Years 3-6. Parents are requested to purchase these stationery items (such as pencils, erasers, rulers etc…) on their own from any stationery store. Only notebooks will be provided by the school for Years 3-6. Year 7-12 students in need of notebooks may purchase necessary items from the main office. ​ All Stationery items are detailed by year group in the lists below. ​ Mandatory Stationery & Notebooks Pack Years 1-7: Payments are made through your Discovery College ePayment account and delivered directly to the classroom at the beginning of the school year. Any Year 7 student joining after school starts will buy their exercise books directly from the main office.

PRIMARY STATIONERY LISTS 2022-23 YEAR 7 STATIONERY 2022-23 YEAR 8 STATIONERY 2022-23 YEAR 9-11 STATIONERY 2022-23 YEAR 12-13 STATIONERY 2022-23 Years 8-13 Existing students may have space in their current exercise books so there is no Mandatory Stationery Pack. Instead, students can come to the main office when they need to buy new notebooks. Students can buy notebooks from the main office only during Snack or Lunch times. ​

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