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House System

College Life

Discovery College has five Houses, each made up of vertical groupings of staff and students across all year levels. Siblings are placed in the same house. The five Houses are based on the five elements of Chinese creation, namely:

流水 Liú Shuǐ House Water (blue)

青木 Qīng Mù House Wood (green)

金属 Jīn Shǔ House Metal (purple)

烈火 Liè Huǒ House Fire (red)

热土 Rè Tǔ House Earth (yellow)

The purpose of the House system is to:

  • provide opportunities for student leadership and student voice;

  • provide an opportunity for students from ALL levels of the school to interact;

  • build new friendships;

  • encourage older students to mentor and care for younger students;

  • build school spirit;

  • create sense of identity and belonging;

  • promote participation (Years 1-13) and competition (Years 5-13).

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