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House System

Discovery College has five Houses, each made up of vertical groupings of staff and students across all year levels. Siblings are placed in the same house. The five Houses are based on the five elements of Chinese creation, namely:

流水 Liú Shuǐ House Water (blue)

青木 Qīng Mù House Wood (green)

金属 Jīn Shǔ House Metal (purple)

烈火 Liè Huǒ House Fire (red)

热土 Rè Tǔ House Earth (yellow)

Our House system aims to:

  • Ensure students from all year levels are interacting and being provided the opportunity to form friendships and make connections.

  • Create a sense of community and identity tied to the House system, promoted through different experiences, where students can balance a healthy sense of competition and interactions with a positive spirit.

  • Cultivate agency in students whereby they can uphold the values of the house culture, through leading and mentoring, as well as reflecting on their role within the House system.

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