Requests for transcripts or references

Requests for transcripts or references (Secondary)

At different times during the year, students leave us to move to schools around the world and need references or copies of their Discovery College transcripts. The person to contact for all requests for references or transcripts is the Vice Principal for your child’s year group, who will oversee the collection and collation of information from different staff members. These are:

Years 7-8
Annette Garnett

Years 9-10
Ange Molony

Year 11
Jonny Tate

Years 12-13
Brian McCann

We ask that you provide us the following information and 10 business days to complete the process:

  • the contact address (email) of the individual at the intended school to whom we send the information

  • that which is being requested, e.g. reference,  transcript


We are not able to provide open references - we only provide confidential references directly to a receiving school. 


Please note that we will only provide a reference/transcript according to the Discovery College Reference Form / Transcript Document. We are not able to complete references /transcripts in other formats, e.g. that suggested or requested by a receiving school, as different schools use a wide variety of formats and these may not be well-aligned with the information Discovery College has for its students.


Requests for reports (Primary)

Parents requiring an attestation of learning for a future school application are able to download school reports from Gateway for this purpose.