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Senior School Prospectus.

The Two Year Programme

IB Diploma Programme Year One: Year 12

• Students begin the IB Diploma Programme

• Teachers explain subject requirements and issue students with a copy of the syllabus

• Critical deadlines for subject assessment are outlined

• Any minor alterations to the options choices are finalised by early September

• The CAS Coordinator introduces students to the CAS programme and guides them through the process of performing CAS activities and keeping their records updated

• In coordination with the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Learning Advisors and the Dean will monitor the academic and pastoral progress of students (as the programme progresses, students require advice on how to monitor their time, extracurricular commitments, etc.)

• Semester reports and mid-semester reports are issued

• Subject assessment is ongoing

• Some subject assessment meets Internal Assessment requirements for individual subjects

• Extended Essay is introduced to students in February and supervisors are allocated

• School examinations are held in May, covering the syllabus taught so far, following IB Diploma standard and format

IB Diploma Programme Year Two: Year 13

• Internal Assessment deadlines for individual subjects are ongoing

• Semester reports, mid-semester reports and trial examination results are issued

• The Group 4 Project takes place in November

• Formal examination entries are completed by November

• Complete Extended Essays submitted in November

• The Extended Essay Viva Voce takes place in January

• Language orals conducted in December to February

• Trial Examinations take place in January, familiarising students with the structure of DP examinations and assessing the academic standard of students

• Most Internal Assessment is completed by March and submitted to the IB

• Conditional and unconditional university placement offers are made

• Final school reports are issued in April

• Students go on study leave in late April

• IB Diploma examinations begin in early May and conclude by late May

• Discovery College Graduation Ceremony is held in late May or early June

• IB Diploma results are issued on 6 July and results are available online

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