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Senior School Prospectus.


As the diagram shows, the curriculum consists of six subject groups

  • Every IB Diploma candidate must take at least one subject from each of Groups 1 to 5 and must then satisfy the Group 6 requirement

  • Students take a total of 6 subjects: 3 subjects at Higher Level and 3 at Standard Level

  • Those at Higher Level are widely recognised as being equivalent to the English “A” Level or to the Advanced Placement (AP) in the United States

  • Subjects at Standard Level are less demanding but when taken as an individual course are perfectly acceptable to many Universities

  • Students write a 4,000 word Extended Essay based upon independent research

  • Students follow a Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course of 100 hours

  • Students complete Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), which has a special emphasis on cooperative and community-based activities

  • Students who enter the full IB Diploma but fail are still eligible for qualifications in individual IB Diploma Programme Courses

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