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Senior School Prospectus.


The IB Career-related Programme

Discovery College is offering the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP) as an option for students in Years 12-13. This programme provides an alternative pathway through which students can complete secondary schooling and progress to Higher Education. 

What is the IBCP? 

The IBCP is the fourth International Baccalaureate programme (along with the PYP, MYP and DP) and is aimed at students who have a particular career path in mind. The IBCP allows students to specialise and dedicate themselves to an area of learning that they know they want to pursue. 

What does the IBCP offer in comparison to the IBDP?

How is the IBCP structured?

As the diagram shows, the IBCP encompasses some elements of the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) within its structure. It also encompasses the IB’s educational philosophy and mission.

IBCP course elements 2 to 4 IBDP Courses + Career-related study course ​

  • Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) course

  • Language Development course

  • Reflective Project

  • Service Learning

IBDP course elements 6 IBDP Courses

  • Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course

  • Language is one of the 6 IBDP courses

  • Extended Essay

  • CAS

What Career-related study specialisms are available to Discovery College students? 

Career-related studies occur through a partner-provider. Partnerships with the following institutions have been established.

What qualifications do students receive at the end and how does this relate to university admissions?

Upon the successful completion of the IBCP course, the student will be awarded the following qualifications.

These qualifications provide a number of ways in which students can gain access to a broad range of university courses in different countries around the world.

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