Discovery College uses an Electronic Payment facility in the ESF Gateway to handle all miscellaneous fees (eg, CCAs, Cobra sports, excursions, camps, PTA fees, etc). Please note that no cash or cheques will be accepted. This facility is used by all ESF/ESL schools.  

Please note that the eWallet account is different from the normal school fees account set up with ESF, where you deposit school fees by way of direct debit. Please note that Discovery College can not transfer money paid into the ESF school fee account. Each student is assigned a personal eWallet account. Discovery College then, notifies parents of the cost of an activity and parents can choose one of the three methods below to settle the payment, debits the cost of activities undertaken individually from this account. Parents have three modes of payment:


Parents can use Paypal or PPS to transfer funds into their child’s eWallet. During the course of the year payments for excursions, PTA fees and other expenses will be deducted from the balance of the account. The eWallet can be topped up at any time, it may take 2-3 working days for the balance to be updated.


Parents can sign up for a new or use an existing PayPal account to pay school issued invoices directly by credit card or to add funds to their child’s eWallet account. 


Parents can sign up for a PPS Account and use the PPS Shop&Buy service to pay school issued invoices directly or to add funds to their child’s eWallet account.

For any queries about transactions or account problems, please send an email to our finance department using the email address

If you forgot your login and/or password, you may retrieve them via Gateway, click “forgot password or login name”, enter your email address and the information will be sent to your email address. If you have any questions regarding the ESF Gateway Login or any technical problems, please email:

Payment Instructions

When your son/daughter undertakes an activity for which payment is required, the College will either debit your account based on your instructions on the permission note or if there is insufficient balance in the account you can use PayPal or PPS to settle the payment. Parents can check the account details, balance and transaction records online via the Payment module in the ESF Gateway System.