Parent information sessions

Information sessions provide an opportunity for parents to meet teachers, see their child’s classroom and gain an understanding of the programme. It is important for parents to attend all information sessions which involve their child/ren. Some information sessions include overviews of the year’s programme, assessment methodology, camps, early literacy, and mother tongue. 


Parents are encouraged to ask for assistance and information from their child’s teacher/s at any time during the year. 


Parent-Teacher Association (DCPTA)

As stipulated in English Schools Foundation (ESF) Ordinance guidelines, all PTA fees are mandatory and are collected by ESF on behalf of individual school PTAs. The mandatory PTA fee for the 2021-22 academic year is $300 per family. All families receive correspondence on how to pay this. 


The DCPTA is run by a committee of volunteers. Its main function is to promote and enhance cooperation between parents, teachers, and all College staff for the education and wellbeing of DC students. 


DCPTA services include: 

  • organising functions for the College community; 

  • raising funds;

  • collecting payments on behalf of the College for certain activities and items;

  • receiving, and forwarding to appropriate staff members when necessary, comments, suggestions, and ideas from parents and students;

  • providing regular grants to cover teacher requests; 

  • allocating money to the Student Council to support student initiatives across the College; 

  • PTA Shop 


Among other things, PTA fees support the PTA Shop, which is run by a PTA Coordinator and a team of parent volunteers as a service to the whole College community. The Shop is open from 8.00 am to 3.30 pm Tuesday & Thursday by appointment.  The Shop has sample sizes of the uniform to facilitate parents and students to determine their appropriate size.  Second-hand uniforms are also available to purchase at discounted prices.  These opening hours may be amended during the course of the year depending on shop operations. Any updates will be announced via the PTA Shop page on the College website (School Life > PTA > PTA Shop).

Items for sale include:  Second Hand Uniforms

For enquiries, please call 3969 1069, email or visit HERE


Parental involvement 

The College is a shared environment that includes community, parents, and teachers working together to enhance the experiences and education of the children at Discovery College. Research has shown that students perform at a higher level if their parents are involved in their education. This includes sharing their learning through discussion and homework, participating in College events, and being involved in the day-to-day programmes of the College. 


Parents are encouraged to share their skills, knowledge, and experiences with the students of the College. This can be through regular College support or by attendance on College events and trips. 


Parent helpers can give support to the College by assisting in the classroom, developing resources, or working in specific areas such as the library. Where parents assist in-class programmes, we ask that you commit to regular attendance. The College will provide appropriate training if required. Teachers will seek parent helpers at different times of the year and will communicate this to parents as needed.


School Council 

The School Council of Discovery College is composed of representatives from ESF, the wider community, parents, teachers, and support staff of the College. The purpose of the School Council is to help the school provide the best possible education for DC students. School Councillors undertake their roles on a voluntary basis for a period of three years and are prepared to share their knowledge, skills, and experience for the good of the College as a whole. The guidance offered and decisions made form part of the framework within which the College operates. 


The main responsibilities of the School Council include working with the Principal to establish the school’s strategic direction, approving the curriculum, ensuring that the needs of students are met, and approving the annual budget. School Councils are also responsible for the approval of senior appointments, the implementation of effective procedures for staff management and development, and with the ESF Chief Executive Officer, for appraising the performance of the Principal. The School Council also advises the ESF CEO and the ESF Board on issues affecting the school. 


For further information on the School Council, including Summary Reports of Council meetings, please go to > About Us > School Council. 


The School Council welcomes your feedback and comments. If you wish to contact any of the parent representatives on the School Council, please email For other inquiries, you may contact the Principal, James Smith, at