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Parent Teacher Association (DCPTA)

The DCPTA is run by a committee of volunteers. Its main function is to promote and enhance cooperation between parents, teachers, and all College staff for the education and wellbeing of DC students.

DCPTA services include:

  • organising functions for the College community;

  • raising funds;

  • collecting payments on behalf of the College for certain activities and items;

  • receiving, and forwarding to appropriate staff members when necessary, comments, suggestions, and ideas from parents and students;

  • providing regular grants to cover teacher requests;

  • allocating money to the Student Council to support student initiatives across the College;

  • PTA Shop

Among other things, PTA fees support the PTA Shop, which is run by a PTA Coordinator and a team of parent volunteers as a service to the whole College community. The Shop is open from 8.00 am to 3.30 pm Tuesday & Thursday by appointment. The Shop has sample sizes of the uniform to facilitate parents and students to determine their appropriate size. Second-hand uniforms are also available to purchase at discounted prices. These opening hours may be amended during the course of the year depending on shop operations.

​For enquiries, please call 3969 1069, email or visit HERE

PTA Fees

As stipulated in English Schools Foundation (ESF) Ordinance guidelines, all PTA fees are mandatory and are collected by ESF on behalf of individual school PTAs. The mandatory PTA fee for the current academic year is $300 per family.

New to school parents

Discovery College uses an Electronic Payment facility via the ESF App to collect the PTA fees. Once your ePayment account is set up (generally one week before commencing school), you can log into the app to make payments. Directions for using the ESF App can be found HERE. ​

Existing Parents The DC PTA and Stationery Fees for the academic school year will be available for payment one week before commencing school in August. Please log into your sPayment on the ESF App to make the payment.

If you would like to volunteer for the DCPTA, please fill in this form.

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