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Communication is critical in ensuring all stakeholders are informed of College activities, events, celebrations, and direction. This includes what is happening at a class, team, Primary School, Secondary School, and College-wide level. Every teacher has an email address published in this handbook. Parents are encouraged to use this to communicate with teachers as well as the diary in primary classes from Years 1-5. Prompt communication of a problem or issue will generally result in its resolution.

Communication at Discovery College includes:

  • College website

  • weekly e-newsletter (The Explorer) link messaged to parents at the end of each week and available on the College website

  • ESF App

  • biannual magazine 視界 (Shi Jie)

  • student work sent home, including workbooks and portfolios

  • Three-Way Conferences

  • Student-Led Conferences

  • ongoing online assessments

  • parent information evenings

  • student exhibitions and presentations

  • the ESF APP system for use in school closures, typhoons, etc.

  • the following online systems:


Ding! is a virtual learning environment (VLE) that is built on the Moodle platform. It allows the students to connect to the school no matter where they are in the world (an internet connection is needed, as Ding! contains online course materials). The information available includes the student daily bulletin, MYP/CP/DP courses, units of inquiry courses, homework, single subjects, other general school activities, and current events. Please ensure that you can log into your child’s Ding! page to keep up to date with their schoolwork and homework.


The ESF App is a mobile application that allows parents to view key information about their child’s school life, including timetable, key communications, and calendar. Is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Instructions for using the ESF App can be found HERE.

DC Mail

The DC mail is the email portal for all Discovery College students. This is a Google mail site. A link can be found on Ding!. DC email addresses provided to students are primarily for school communication and should not be edited or changed in any way.

Other online systems

Other web-based systems also play a part in student learning and are linked from the DC website or Ding!


The Discovery College e-newsletter, The Explorer, is produced throughout the week and sent to families by email each Friday. The Explorer contains important information about events across the College, therefore parents are asked to check the newsletter at the end of each week to familiarise themselves with news and announcements.

Staff-parent/caregiver communication

Successful schooling is based on a strong and trusting three-way relationship between the teacher, the student, and the student’s parents. An essential element of this relationship is regular communication that provides quality dialogue about all aspects of learning and teaching. All communication between staff at the school and parents/caregivers is expected to be polite and respectful.

It is the College’s belief that no report, Three-Way, or Student-Led Conferences should contain any information that is a surprise to either the student or parent. Any significant improvement, success, academic or behavioural concern should be communicated immediately, discussed, and, if necessary, a strategy put in place involving all stakeholders.

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