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Sporting Opportunities

College Life

Sport plays a central role in the extra-curricular life of Discovery College and provides every student with the opportunity to develop to the very best of their physical ability. Every student should be able to practice their sporting interests, which helps develop healthy, active lifestyles and social interaction.


  • Be Internationally Minded: Encourage a passion for a wide range of sporting activities from various cultures around the world

  • Be Agentic: Create an environment for all students to reach their sporting potential

  • Take Principled Action: Nurture sportsmanship in all aspects of competition

  • Flourish: Provide sporting opportunities for all participation levels by enhancing physical, emotional and social wellbeing

  • Achieve Highly: Provide an opportunity for sporting excellence in a variety of sports


The Cobra Sports programme follows the HKPSSA, ISSFHK and ACAMIS Sports seasons in order to provide regular, high quality fixtures for students of varying abilities. We aim to provide every sport with a minimum of one training session per week and fixtures during their sports season. Each team is also allocated a dedicated training space and sports coach.

Cobra Sports Overview 2022-23


Discovery College has a thriving sports programme called Cobra Sports and league fixtures are played during the week, with numerous tournaments scheduled throughout the year. The College also offers a wide range of early morning, lunchtime and after school sports clubs that students can opt to participate in to further their sporting experience. Additionally, there are overseas sports tours during the academic year, which will provide our students with new sporting opportunities and challenges.

In order to ensure that both students and parents alike are able to keep abreast of the number of clubs and fixtures on offer throughout our busy sports schedule, we have a weekly Sports Bulletin that is sent out on our weekly Explorer Newsletter to parents.

Specific information regarding fixtures, league fixtures, results and standings can be accessed by visiting our sports website here.

Cobra Sports kit

All Cobra Sports teams wear their cobra sports kit to training, fixtures and tournaments. To purchase your Cobra Sports kit please click here and use the password: cobrasports

High Performance Student Athlete (HPSA) Programme

The High Performance Student Athlete (HPSA) program is an athlete-centred program of educational and pastoral assistance provided by Discovery College. The program seeks to recognise high-performance athletes participating in an elite sport offered throughout Hong Kong and competing in recognised national or international competitions. It also seeks to provide mentorship and guidance to high-performing athletes as they develop themselves, including by helping to support an appropriate balance of education, training and competition needs.

Each student-athlete will receive support from our Athlete Friendly Coordinator through some of the following accommodations:

  • Timetable and curriculum considerations to facilitate high-frequency training and competition time, for example, offering the DP and CP over three years

  • Provision of a program that will enrich the potential of the student-athlete and provide information for career development

  • Support for the student-athlete where necessary, for time-management, study skills, relaxation and social/physical development courses in order to connect the athlete to the international world of sport.


To be eligible, students should be:

  • studying within the MYP, DP or CP

  • actively competing and achieving high-level results in Local, National or International events

  • able to display an exemplary level of commitment to sport and academics

  • involved in representing the College in their chosen sport as part of the Cobra Sports program (if applicable)

  • participating in regular supervised training or competition for:

  • 15 hours per week over a 4 month period; or

  • 10 hours per week over a 10 month period

Students should also be:

  • selected to represent a National Team in international competitions in an open or age group event; or

  • a national-aged squad member or an HKSI athlete or equivalent; or

  • qualified to compete in a final at National Championships in an open or age group event; or

  • possessing a top 10 national ranking in age or open competition for individual sports in the year of application; or

  • a finalist at numerous age or open major competitions


Applications are open all year round to accommodate the student-athletes changing training and competition needs.

For more information, please contact

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