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Smart Cards

College Life

Discovery College students use a multi-purpose, stored-value Smart Card system. The Smart Card is a photo-identity card with other functions designed to increase efficiency and convenience with respect to day to day functions described below.


Functions accessible through the Smart Card system include:

  • photo identity

  • attendance

  • library resource issuing

  • photocopying

  • printing

  • access to rooms (some Senior students)

  • students can buy a voucher to add value to their Smart Cards in the library. The minimum top-up amount is $20. This can be done before school or at break times only

  • students have access through the Internet to the current value on the Smart Card and also a record of transactions while at the school. Ding! > Printing balance (Discovery College recommends regular checks of this information)

  • Note that Octopus is used for payment in the Cafeteria

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