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Gender Non-Discrimination

As part of an ESF-wide commitment to avoiding discrimination based on gender, DC seeks to address the needs of all students including transgender students. Our approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion involves a recognition of the unique needs of this community. It is clear from research that transgender students are often subject to inequitable or discriminatory experiences during their schooling; given that we are an inclusive school, Discovery College wishes to ensure that every student is included and that the needs of transgender students are addressed in the context of a safe, supportive environment.

Our policy in relation to gender non-discrimination is therefore that students are entitled to express, and be treated according to, their gender identity, whether that be the same gender identity they were assigned at birth (cisgender) or an identity different from this (transgender). Key provisions include:

  • Students being addressed according to their gender identity;

  • Appropriate procedures for handling information shared by students about their gender identity;

  • Students’ prerogative to access resources and facilities according to their gender identity;

  • The ability of any student to wear any item of clothing permitted under the school dress code, regardless of gender identity;

  • The school’s commitment to ongoing curriculum review to ensure it reflects the diversity of our community;

  • The school’s commitment to ongoing staff professional development and community education in order to ensure all members of our community are equipped with the knowledge and understanding needed to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive educational environment.

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