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Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

College Life

Outdoor Education complements and enriches the in-school programme, and all students are required to participate fully in the EOTC programme designed at their year level. There are many benefits of outdoor experiences that are transferable to the student's daily lives, including self-confidence, problem-solving skills, intrinsic motivation, self-esteem, independence, and effective communication skills.

We are making every effort this year to bring EOTC back to the school life of every DC student. We are looking forward to resuming off campus activities and school camps following recent disruptions. Secondary students will participate in our No Boundaries week that includes students choosing their experiences as well as engaging with core activities for each year group. We are reconnecting with our trusted overseas partners with the idea of engaging students in an international setting in the future once international travel opens up.

Our EOTC programme is structured so that these outdoor experiences get progressively more demanding as the students move up through the college.

The aims of all the camps are based on:

  • team building and participation;

  • developing greater self-awareness, acceptance of group and personal responsibility;

  • facing physical and social challenges with an open mind;

  • developing confidence and competency in water safety;

  • developing greater awareness of Hong Kong’s environment;

  • experiential learning in a safe and fun environment;

  • progressively prepare students for the rigours of the No Boundaries programme;

Staff adheres to the strictest policies and guidelines on safety and supervision, risk assessment and risk management, leadership, and legal requirements. For further information, please refer to ‘Insurance.’

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