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Students may bring food from home and/or purchase it from the cafeteria. No food can be brought into the school for students during the day.

Peanuts and peanut products are banned within the school. This restriction includes all food brought to school from home.

All food, whether purchased at school outlets or brought in from home, must only be consumed in the G/F canteen, the 1/F café or the 2/F deli deck.

Canteen (G/F)

The canteen is open daily on the G/F between 9:45 am–2:30 pm. For secondary students and staff can purchase daily hot meals (Option A - C) during lunch time. A self-service kiosk will be available for staff and secondary students to purchase chef special or noodle bar and pay using their Octopus cards.

Café (1/F)

The café is open daily on the 1/F between 8 am–4.30 pm.

Deli Deck (2/F)

The Deli Deck is open daily from 12 pm to 3 pm. Food concepts such as healthy snacks and eat global, which consists of food from around the world, will be available at a later stage. 

Asia Pacific Catering is proud to be the food service provider for Discovery College. Our major focus is to offer a wide range of healthy food alternatives for students and provide education about making healthy food choices. We have introduced a large variety of salads, drinks, healthy gourmet sandwiches and lots of other healthy snacks as well as a daily hot lunch made fresh in our on site Kitchen.

Ordering food - Years 1-6

Pre-ordering of food is available for primary students through an apps. You can simply download the Asia Pacific Catering by HKT apps from iOS App Store and Android Play Store. In order to ensure secured data are being processed individually for each student, a login username and initial password will be given to each student. Please contact our Cafeteria Manager, Mr Benny Heung ( for the login and password details.

iOS App

Android App

Please find the app instruction information on how to use it HERE.

In order to reduce food waste and efficiently on delivering meals to our students, please note the following on meals pre-ordering:

  • Lunch ordering is on monthly basis and there is no refund

  • If the student is on sick leave for less than a week, no credit/refund will be provided.

  • If the student is on sick leave for more than a week, advance notice will be required to be sent to our Cafeteria Manager, Mr Benny Heung (

Ordering food - Years 7 – 13

Students can pay for their meals on the day using Octopus. ​

Menus for Septembere 2023

DC Lunch Menu Y1Y2 202309
Download PDF • 978KB

DC Lunch Menu Y3Y6 202309
Download PDF • 967KB

DC Lunch Menu Y712 202309
Download PDF • 974KB

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