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College Life

Students may bring food from home and/or purchase it from the cafeteria. No food can be brought into the school for students during the day. Peanuts and peanut products are banned within the school. This restriction includes all food brought to school from home. All food, whether purchased at school outlets or brought in from home, must only be consumed in the G/F cafeteria, the 1/F café or the 2/F deli deck. Discovery Café (1/F) The café is open daily on the 1/F between 8 am–4 pm. Discovery Deli (2/F) The Discovery Deli is open daily from 10.30 am to 2.15 pm. Food concepts such as healthy snacks and eat global, which consists of food from around the world, will be available. A self-service kiosk will be available for staff and secondary students to pre-order and pay using their Octopus cards. Ordering For your convenience and taking into account the requirements of the different year-level groups, this is the system for ordering/purchasing food. ​ Chartwells is proud to be the food service provider for Discovery College. Our major focus is to offer a wide range of healthy food alternatives for students and provide education about making healthy food choices. We have introduced a large variety of salads, drinks, healthy gourmet sandwiches and lots of other healthy snacks as well as a daily hot lunch made fresh in our on site Kitchen. Ordering food - Years 1-6 Step 1

  • What's on the menu?

  • Fill the enrolment form

  • Parents can also enrol through the Chartwells online enrolment system via this website. You can contact our onsite Catering Manager Ms Vanessa Gabrillo for any enquiry relating to the cafeteria.

Junior Menu February

Junior Menu March

Junior Menu April

Senior Menu February

Senior Menu March

Senior Menu April

If you have a favourite food and would like to see it on the menu then why not suggested it to our Catering Manager or Head Chef and they will try to put it on the menu. ​ Chartwells website The Chartwells website has also been recently updated. It is now much more user friendly and informative. Please follow the link to see what is new: ​ From their web site you can simply select your school from the drop down box and view the menu for the month. The new site now enables you to download Chartwells information regarding your school as well as the latest copy of the menu and enrolment form. If you would like you child to enrol in our lunch programme then please complete the form, attach your payment and then hand it in to our Catering Manager in the Cafeteria. To avoid unnecessary delay in the processing of your child’s lunch program, please include the student’s first, middle and last names (with common names), as well as the grade and class identified on the form below. It is also recommended to include this information on the back of your cheque. ​ On their website you can also find out more information about our Taste Life programme, check your BMI and read our bi-monthly school newsletter.

Enrolment Form Primary Years 1&2

Enrolment Form Primary Year 3 to Year 6 Enrolment Form Secondary Year 7- Year 13

Step 2

  • For Years 1-2, choose one of three options for each day e.g. hot meal/sandwich/baguettes. These will be delivered to the classrooms.

  • For Years 3-6, choose from three ‘hot’ options including one vegetarian choice. Pasta with your choices of sauce e.g. tomato or béchamel is also available.

Step 3

  • Students will make the specific choice ON the day, i.e. hot meals/pasta. This is to alleviate the issue of children changing their minds when they see what their friends are having.

Ordering food - Years 7 13 Students can pay for their meals on the day using either cash or Octopus. ​ Year 7 – Year 9 can eat in our Upper Level Cafe where we serve a range of freshly made snacks, salads, paninis and ciabattas as well as refreshingly healthy smoothies. ​ The Octopus card payment system is available in the Ground Floor Cafeteria and on the Upper Level Cafe. It is a safe and clean way to pay and as lunch time is very busy and we don’t want students handling money during the lunch period.

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