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Ark Eden
Lantau Island

Hong Kong

Year 8, Year 9

Group Size


This is a 4 night / 5 day experience based in Lantau at Ark Eden.

Our signature ‘Five Elements’ programme is about building a joyful, inner foundation from which students can develop their leadership, depth of character and holistic wellbeing while applying the practical skills of permaculture, a method of design that provides comprehensive nature-based solutions.

Each day has a specific thematic element where specific leadership and life skills will be taught, within the green sanctuary of Ark Eden on Lantau.



  • Experience various elements of the week related to Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether

  • Experience night activities such as Yoga, Jungle walk, camp fire, BBQ, Drama night, Pizza night, drumming

  • Learn and experience the sustainable living lifestyle

  • Develop practical and meaningful connection with nature and to themselves


  • Monday - Friday

  • Transport - Bus

  • Accommodation  - Camping on Lantau

Estimated Cost


The programme fees are subject to price fluctuations involving transportation costs, the number of students signing up, and activity costs. We aim to manage the cost of this trip/activity effectively, and we will re-adjust/re-calculate the cost prior to the final payment in Aug/Sep 2024.

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