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Information portal for new parents 


Dear parents


Welcome to Discovery College. We are delighted to have you and your child/ren as part of our DC Community. Here in our New Parent Portal you will find all the information you need to get your child started at school.


Should you require any additional information, you are welcome to contact our admissions team at  


James Smith

Discovery College Principal



















Cheques can be made payable to the “ESF Educational Services Ltd.”

Please be sure your deposit is received by the acceptance deadline indicated on your offer letter.

If you are unable to make the deposit payment by cheque, you may proceed by making a direct payment to:

Bank name:  The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Beneficiary:   ESF Educational Services Ltd.

Bank Account:   511-335069-001Swift code: HSBCHKHHHKH

Bank address:   No. 1, Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

The school fees for 2020-21 academic year are:

HK$129,700 per annum for Primary students (Years 1-6).


HK$173,500 per annum for Secondary students (Years 7-11).


HK$175,400 per annum for Secondary students (Years 12 & 13).

Direct debit is mandatory for paying school fees for all students attending Discovery College. Statement of account and receipts are not sent to parents as fees are paid by monthly direct debit. Fees are due on the first day of each month and parents are responsible for payment of fees, regardless of any personal arrangements parents may have with employers or other parties.

If fee payments are overdue, students may be excluded from school. Once excluded, students will not be re-admitted until all arrears are cleared and at least one further month’s fees are paid in advance. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that an excluded student will be returned to his or her former class.

School fees are determined annually, dependent to some extent on increases to the Consumer Price Index and inflation. The NBL is also reviewed annually and will be partially inflation adjusted.

Non-refundable Building Levy (NBL)

Discovery College charges a Non-refundable Building Levy (NBL), which is HK$7,530 per student per year.

The NBL is paid over 10 equal instalments of HK$753 alongside the monthly school fees (September to June each year).

This NBL is paid by all students, with the exception of those exempt under the Individual Nomination Rights scheme (applied for prior to 23 February 2012).

The NBL will be used to pay for repair, maintenance and improvement of the school facilities for the benefits of all existing and new students.




Discovery College uses an Electronic Payment facility on the ESF Gateway to handle all miscellaneous fees, e.g. Co-curricular activities, Cobra sports, excursions, camps, etc., in addition to the PTA and Stationery Fees. ePayment  is used by all ESL/ESF schools. An account cannot be set up / activated any earlier than 7 days prior to a student starting school.

Please note that the eWallet account is different from the normal school fees account set up with ESF, where you deposit school fees by way of direct debit. Discovery College cannot transfer money paid into the ESF school fee account. Each student is assigned a personal eWallet account. Discovery College then, notifies parents of the cost of an activity and parents can choose one of the three methods below to settle the payment, debits the cost of activities undertaken individually from this account. 

Parents have three modes of payment:


eWallet: Parents can use Paypal or PPS to transfer funds into their child’s eWallet. During the course of the year payments for excursions, PTA fees and other expenses will be deducted from the balance of the account. The eWallet can be topped up at any time, it may take 2-3 working days for the balance to be updated.

PayPal: Parents can sign up for a new or use an existing PayPal account to pay school issued invoices directly by credit card or to add funds to their child’s eWallet account. 

PPS: Parents can sign up for a PPS Account and use the PPS Shop&Buy service to pay school issued invoices directly or to add funds to their child’s eWallet account.

More detailed information about the facility may be found on the school website HERE. 


Please contact if you have any questions.



We invite you to familiarise yourself with the Discovery College Parent and Student Handbook. The purpose of the Handbook is to provide both our parents and students with a brief description of our policies and procedures to help them become more familiar with how the College operates, what our expectations are in certain key areas, how best to communicate with us and what to do if there is a question or concern.



New uniforms can be ordered HERE.



Stationery lists

To ensure all students have the required materials for the start of the school term, the DCPTA facilitates the pre-ordering and distribution of the mandatory stationery pack to your child(s) classroom at the beginning of the school year. Payment will be made through the ePayment system.

2020-21 Stationery Year 1

2020-21 Stationery Year 2

2020-21 Stationery Year 3  

2020-21 Stationery Year 4

2020-21 Stationery Year 5

2020-21 Stationery Year 6

2020-21 Stationery Year 7

2020-21 Stationery Year 8

2020-21 Stationery Year 9-11

2020-21 Stationery Year 12-13



If you require the DCPTA bus, please fill in the 2020-21 bus request FORM. The bus coordinator will be in contact with you about your bus needs. Bus services are specifically for students living outside of Discovery Bay and requests for buses should be made as soon as possible. Current routes and fees can be found here.

Further enquiries should be made to


LAPTOP  PROGRAMME (Year 6 and above)

Entering Year 6 & 7

All students enrolling at Discovery College in Year 6 and 7 are required to purchase a Chromebook.


For new students entering Year 6 or 7, please contact

Mr Joe Leithhead at email


Entering Year 8 & Above

All students enrolling at Discovery College in Year 8 or above, please contact Mr Joe Leithhead to discuss laptop options based on subject choice. 



Discovery College offers quality instrument lessons from highly experienced peripatetic music tutors conveniently located in our school’s music rooms. Our tutors are outside providers who conduct private lessons independent of curriculum classes. We offer lessons for a range of instruments including woodwind, brass, strings, guitar, piano, voice and drum kit.

The school also has an instrument hire program for a range of instruments for students enrolled in our instrumental music program and/or involved in our school ensembles. To promote the instruction of brass, strings and selected woodwind instruments, there will be no hire charge for these specific instruments.

In order to register for instrumental music lessons please email

Ms. Kenix CHEUNG at


Textbooks can be purchased directly from our supplier, A & P (Academic & Professional Book Centre), which has a custom-designed website for ordering. Payment should be made directly to A & P by credit card, or by cash when collecting books if credit card is not possible. You will be able to either collect the books from school, or have the books delivered by post to your home address. There will be an additional fee of $95 for postal delivery. 

To access the ordering website, click here: and follow the instructions as per the attached letter.



As your child is a new student, there are particular aspects of information required to assist us in completing the secondary timetables.

There is a maximum intake for the Spanish option. The factors that may be a reason for you to choose this option include:

  1. Spanish-speaking heritage

  2. Current, or likelihood of future, engagement with Spanish-speaking communities

  3. Study of Spanish at a previous school, but no significant learning background as Year 8 Spanish only offers Phase 1 class.


The above factors need to be known, particularly if numbers are greater than the available spots.

At Discovery College, we also offer a Middle Years Programme (MYP) Chinese Language & Literature course to near-native and native speakers. The students will have the opportunity to gain an IB Diploma Programme (DP) Bilingual Certificate when they graduate from the secondary school at the end of Year 13 if they successfully complete the MYP and DP Chinese Language & Literature courses. Many universities appreciate this certificate as it shows an applicant’s bilingual capability.

Secondary Language Acquisition Form